Rehab & Crack Pipes.
24. Taken. Living all over the my mind. Low-key perverted. Lucky. Honest. Asshole. Open-minded. Endless dreamer. Recreational drug user. Fighter. Lover. Blasphemous. Passionate. Purposeful. Generous. Heathen. Simply complex. Lover of life's little miracles. I'm afraid of death. I never lose hope. Spiritual. Chronic sinner. I never stop fighting. Old soul. Cursed. Blessed. Poetic. Sexual. Undefined. Trying to find myself...and make the world better on the way. I'm simply...human.



"but that’s none of my business": rihanna edition


In the park, the both of us reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Pretending to be intellectuals.


this guy in front of me on the train was talking to his girlfriend on the phone and when he hung up I saw the contact was called “happiness” if that’s not cute idk what is


this is one of the best twitter stories I have ever read



her freckles are placed like wings on her face; queen.

"The desire for personal post-race status is an impulse I encounter frequently. Without fail, it comes from well-intentioned white people looking to be absolved of whiteness – not through their politics, but their biographies. They listen studiously to my take on race privilege, then raise their hands to identify themselves as white but gay, or white but Irish and thus part of an ethnicity that was once considered nonwhite, or white but from an all-Dominican neighborhood.

My response to such statements is always the same. I have no desire to belittle any aspect of your identity, I say, but either you walk through this world with white skin privilege or you don’t. There’s no such thing as being pulled over for Driving While Wanting To Be Black. Sometimes how you ‘self-identify’ is irrelevant. You could be a gay Irish dude from the heart of Washington Heights, with a Senegalese lover and a degree from Morehouse to boot. The cop and the judge and the loan officer and the potential employer are only going to check one mental box. And when they do, you’re going to benefit from the way they see you, like it or not."
Adam Mansbach (via wretchedoftheearth)
"One of the most courageous decisions you will ever make is to finally let go of whatever is hurting your heart and soul."
Brigitte Nicole (via moonsulk)
How to have sex
Boy: can I put my finger in your belly button?
Girl: yeh sure
Girl: that's not my belly button
Boy: that's not my finger